We are able to accept referrals from schools and colleges to complete cognitive and learning assessments for students.

Please use this referral and consent form, or have this information reflected in your own form.

Referrals for therapy for students can be made via the family GP or Paediatrician. 


"Life as a therapist is a life of service in which we daily transcend our personal wishes and turn our gaze towards the needs and growth of the other. We take pleasure not only in the growth of our patient but also in the ripple effect - the salutary influence our patients have upon those whom they touch in life" 

Irvin Yalom M.D.


Launceston Therapy Clinic is able to accept self-referrals for individuals, parents and families without the need for a referral through a medical practitioner.

Please contact us to discuss your reason for service so that we can allocate the most appropriate clinician to best meet your needs.

Private health refunds are available dependent on your specific policy cover.




If you would like access to the Medicare rebate and your service is eligible, a referral through a GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician is required so that they can complete a Mental Health Care Plan.


LTC services attract a gap fee as we do not bulk bill. Please enquire with reception for further information on the applicable fees. 



LTC is able to offer telehealth services to clients who find it difficult to attend sessions in person at our offices, either due to personal circumstances or distance. You will need a valid referral from your GP (if you intend to claim a Medicare rebate), access to a phone, tablet or computer and reliable Wi-Fi if you are going to do a video call. A telehealth session is very much the same as a Face Time call and you will very soon even forget that you are speaking to your therapist via this medium, finding the process easy. Payment terms and conditions will be discussed with you prior to the session and your Medicare rebate will be arranged via our friendly reception staff.